Viator supplier API developer tools

Welcome to the Viator Supplier API Tools site. This site will help you develop an API endpoint that will allow Viator to request your tour inventory availability in real time and automatically lodge bookings with your reservation system.

Note: Our supplier API (and this test site) is intended for use by current Viator suppliers and their IT services providers. You must be registered as a current Viator supplier before any development commences. For more information on joining Viator, please visit our new supplier sign-up page.

The toolkit available here includes sample product-mapping spreadsheets, API documentation, test plans and a test harness that will send valid requests to your API endpoints. The test harness is designed to call your reservation systems' API endpoints with requests specific to your product inventory in order to facilitate development and testing on your end.

To get started, please review the API overview, technical specification, the tour code mapping examples and a test plan, our implementation approach and the test harness instructions.

We've provided a list of frequently asked questions and when you need help or want to schedule integration testing, please Contact us here.

It's our goal to achieve real-time systems connectivity with as many suppliers as possible, so please don't hesitate to reach out for assistance. We look forward to working with our suppliers and their IT services providers to provide the best experience possible for our shared travellers.

Thanks for your support,

The Viator Supplier API team.