Viator Partner API guide for merchant partners


This is the home page for the documentation resources applicable to Viator API partners who act as the merchant of record for sales of Viator products on their platforms, known as merchant partners.

The Viator API provides merchant partners with a set of API calls that provide all the functionality necessary for the construction of a complete tours and activities application, such as a web site, or integration with an existing application. This includes access to the full collection of products and related descriptive content, availability and pricing details, and booking management utilities.


Viator Partner API technical documentation

We recently released a major update to the Viator Partner API - version 2.0 – which offers improved performance, includes support for nearly fully-structured data elements, and utilizes more modern, concise and easily-understandable interface conventions. It is a fully-redesigned system with regard to our previous API products.

The following documents provide an introduction to version 2 of the API and the main differences between v1 and v2:

You will need to discuss with your account manager which version of the API is most appropriate for your needs.

The following technical documentation mini-sites linked below cover the full range of topics that a software integrator would need to know in order to communicate with Viator's systems using either version 1 or 2 of our partner API:

Site certification manual

Once a technical integration is complete, prior to being granted access to live data, we need certify the partner's system to ensure that it meets our minimum criteria and represents an optimal API integration.

Once your integration fulfils all the criteria mentioned in the document above, contact your account manager to have a member of our business development team perform a review and provide certification and feedback if necessary.

Support procedures

As the merchant of record, you are responsible for all first-line customer support services to your customers, whether they're contacting via telephone, email or any other channel.

However, should you require technical support, please refer to:

...for contact procedures and other important information.